Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sisters gold

Started an illustration based off a painting I did on Friday. I cant seem to choose a color scheme, they are all vary interesting.

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  1. I vote #3. The shading is done so well that it makes the portrait POP- plus the colors seem the most natural for the scene. Why a forest though?

    I also like the Sepia scheme in #8. Feels like a painted photograph of old. This is quite likely a storyboard scene, but if it were not and actually were a portrait someone would hang over the mantle- it makes you wonder what kind of relationship these women have.

    A young, impressionable and seemingly frightened girl- bedecked with jewels and fortune that are not fully hers. Her patron- the faceless mystery woman who goes unknown to the girl, never lets her forget who is indebted to who. And just how easily it could all be taken away...

    That's pretty much the plot line to Charles Dickens Great Expectations. You could just paint the whole thing and name it that and auction it off. I think people would appreciate it.