Monday, May 28, 2012

CitySand shots

So i'v been working on some of these shots in C4D. namely shot 5 and 6 since they will be the most work intensive. My original thought with shot 5 was to have slow motion as the worm monster emerges.

I think it got out of hand during the boards, I though about doing a sweet camera move back and forth behind the character. Although this might be cool to do its probably unnecessary and kinda breaks my artwork.
Shot 6 is a bit simpler, at first I had a cut between the character running out of the hallway and him looking over the edge but then decided that combing them might make a better shot.

Anyways, comments and crits are always welcome.


  1. I can imagine the only thing going through this guys head is "KRAP-KRAP-KRAP-KRAP!"

  2. Pretty Kool! I still need to learn C4D.